Home Inspections


 Detailed report provided and explained at the time of inspection to help you make an informed decision on the condition of the property. Industry leading Horizon reporting system used which not only includes your inspection report, but valuable home reference links outlining your homes major systems, components and their intended functions for future reference. Should we perform your inspection, you will also have the support of our team with house related questions for as long as you live in your home.

• Thorough examination of the properties major systems and how they are functioning.
 These systems include:
                        Roofing/ Flashings/ Chimneys
                        Exterior (including lot grading and surface water control)
                        Heating and Air conditioning
                        Cooling and Heat Pumps

• PDI and New Home Inspections.
New construction is covered by the Tarion warranty corporation but defects must be found, recorded and submitted to be covered by this warranty.  The 30 day, one or two year warranty form must have the defects on it for them to be acknowledged.   Tarion will not respond to complaints unless there is written proof that the problem was reported to them within the applicable warranty period.

 • Added value to your inspection.
 Areas for improvement or upgrade can also be suggested for energy savings as we are not only a home inspector but also a Certified Energy Advisor by Natural Resources Canada.